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This technology is able to be customized to any website, no matter what Niche (doctor, lawyer, plumber ) or what city it is in. It can be set up to ask any question, make any offer, or direct the website visitor to take a specific action. The real feature that I believe is the most important of all, it grabs the attention of the website visitor and makes them take action.

Research shows that the average time a visitor stays on a webpage is less than a few minutes. So they need to get that visitor attention and make them take action before that visitor clicks away from your site. This technology makes that possible. It will take whatever information the website owner wants them to take. A name, phone number, an email address, or physical address for that matter and much more.

The benefit of using this technology is it will save you money. You don’t have to pay someone to set up a chat system and maintain it. Paying someone to man the support center, that can be a very expensive to actually having someone to man a chat window for hours at a time. This system will give ¬†website owners a 24/7 virtual live customer support system for a fraction of the cost. It will without a doubt increase your leads without spending any more money on advertising, which in turn lowers the cost per lead, thus increasing there ROI(return on investment).

If you could collect 10 new names,numbers and email addresses

a month how much would that be worth to your company?

I would say thousands of dollars over the lifetime of that customer.

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